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Put our expertise to work for you. At Alabama Women's Wellness Center, P. C., we are proud to have received the following recognition for our contributions to the Hunstville community.
Featured in The New York Times
One of only a few in now!!!
News and Reviews for Alabama Women's Wellness Center, P. C.

Dr. Robinson [...] I wanted to thank you and your staff for the work you do for the women in your state. Your commitment and dedication to them is unsurpassed. Best of luck to you, Kim (Memphis, TN)

Dr. Robinson and staff at AWWC, I just watched the video documentary on the NY Times website and was compelled to write to you to let you know that you are a true hero in my eyes. The work that you do for women at your own risk and discomfort is courageous and a true sacrifice. I applaud not only your accomplishments, but the sacrifices you are making to support other women. When my 12 year old daughter gets home from school today, I will sit her down in front of the computer and have her watch with me, so that she can see what a true hero and role model looks like. It is incredible to me that the obstacles you and your patients face are occurring in our country in places that we know so little about. As a white (and yes, privileged) woman from suburban NY who had easy and safe access to an abortion when I need it 20 years ago, it is hard for me to imagine what the women in your area must go through. Thank you for helping me to remember that there are so many women in this country who do not have the same access that I did. It is people like you that keep this country free. I bow to you. Thank you, thank you - AM